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One Assessment Used Every 10 Seconds!

As the UK Master Distributor for Success Insights International, we are proud to offer to you our comprehensive assessment suite.

We are extremely privaledged to be part of a fast growing, skilled and highly professional global network.  Being part of this network enables us to retain our fantastically high standards in global validity, research projects, national norming and most importantly- multi language response and translation.  With consultants in 90 countries, the Success insights global network continues to ensure that all languages are represented throughout the assessments with complete accuracy.  Assessments are not just available in 40 languages but have been amended to suit native colloquialisms ensuring that all data is relevant and powerful.


Measuring DISC/Behaviours, Workplace Motivators, Acumen, Personal Skills and Emotional Quotient, Success Insights is striving forward to become the leading assessment providing company in the world.

Assessments can be instantaneously accessed using our patented Internet Delivery System which allows controlled deployment of the products throughout the organisation with the option to brand and tag the profiles to suit the organisation's preferences.  

Most of our clients have joined us from a recruitment & selection, learning and development or coaching and consulting perspective.  If you are looking for ideas on how to use these tools for or within an organisation to decrease staff turnover, select and retain top talent, improve team communications, drive sales and increase turnover, improve staff-manager relationships, develop training needs analysis and personal development plans or motivate team members then please browse through our website.  If you do not find what you are looking for or wish to receive further information on the tools then please feel free to contact our London or Central Office.  An advisor will be more than happy to guide you in the correct direction!




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